Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2022

  • An Automated Process to Compute Density of Unknown Liquid (Organic Slurry) Using Brine as a Prototype

    Adeyemi Kudirat Olubukola, Boyo Henry Oritsemamididasan

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2022
    Pages: 1-8
    Received: 20 November 2021
    Accepted: 22 December 2021
    Published: 29 March 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cbb.20221001.11
    Abstract: Experiments were carried out to determine the relationship between density of liquid (pure water) and compression of five springs supporting a 1000 Liter tank from beneath. The tank is meant to be an anaerobic digester for production of biogas. The springs constant were determined and were used to compute the densities of a fixed concentration of t... Show More
  • Lentil Variety Development for Yield and Disease Resistance for Potential Areas: Registration of a Lentil Variety Named Debine

    Amanuel Tekalign, Tadele Tadesse, Belay Asmare

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2022
    Pages: 9-13
    Received: 22 February 2022
    Accepted: 28 March 2022
    Published: 31 March 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cbb.20221001.12
    Abstract: The development of new varieties with high yield and acceptable levels of stability is an important in breeding program. The performance of a given genotype depends on its genetic potential and the environment upon which it is grown. Debine is a commercial name given for a newly released Lentil (Lens culinaris) variety with pedigree designation of ... Show More
  • Adaptation Trial of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Varieties for Midland Agro-Ecology of Kellem Wollega Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

    Yerosan Wekgari, Negasu Gamachu, Fikre Diriba

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2022
    Pages: 14-19
    Received: 29 December 2021
    Accepted: 23 March 2022
    Published: 31 March 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cbb.20221001.13
    Abstract: Alfalfa is important improved forage legume that solves feed shortages and has economic value for livestock production in Ethiopia. Six alfalfa varieties were evaluated to identify adaptable and high biomass yielder under rain fed condition of mid-altitude of Kellem Wollega Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia. The experiment was conducted in Randomized Complete... Show More
  • Determination of Optimum Sowing Dates of Dolichos Lablab Intercropping with Sorghum in West Hararghe, Oromia, Ethiopia

    Tamrat Dinkale, Muleta Debela, Birmaduma Gadisa

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2022
    Pages: 20-26
    Received: 14 March 2022
    Accepted: 12 April 2022
    Published: 25 April 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cbb.20221001.14
    Abstract: In Hararghe as whole, intercropping is the main and indigenous activity of the farmers due to land shortage that most farmers are practicing intercropping of different crops for different reasons like to minimize total crop failure and efficient land utilization. An experiment was conducted to evaluate the influence of sowing dates of Dolichos labl... Show More
  • Performance Evaluation and GGEbiplot Analysis of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Genotypes in Eastern Ethiopia

    Mohammed Hassen, Daniel Endale

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2022
    Pages: 27-33
    Received: 3 April 2022
    Accepted: 28 April 2022
    Published: 19 May 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cbb.20221001.15
    Abstract: Sesame is a food source, an oil, and a cash crop. Despite the fact that Ethiopia has a lot of potential for sesame production. The average sesame seed yield is very low due to a lack of high yielding improved sesame variety/ies. As a result, the objectives of this study were to evaluate the performance of sesame genotypes and GGEbiplot analysis; in... Show More
  • Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Potential Inhibitors of Integrase from Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1) Using Phytochemicals

    Vikas Jha, Navdeep Kaur, Kabir Thakur, Vrushali Dhamapurkar, Prakruti Kapadia, Shraddha Tiwari, Aparna Sahu, Divya Nikumb, Abhishek Kumar, Shruti Narvekar

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2022
    Pages: 34-48
    Received: 30 May 2022
    Accepted: 22 June 2022
    Published: 30 June 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.cbb.20221001.16
    Abstract: Background: In tremendously effective antiretroviral therapy for Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV1) infections, integrase inhibitors are essential drugs. Resistance resulting from mutations, on the other hand, poses a threat to the medication’s long-term efficacy in HIV-1 infected people. Purpose: The current study utilized in silico techniques,... Show More