Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2014

  • A Burrows-Wheeler Transform Based Method for DNA Sequence Comparison

    Chun Li, Huan Liu, Junhong Liu, Yuping Qin, Zhifu Wang

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2014
    Pages: 33-37
    Received: 22 April 2014
    Accepted: 15 May 2014
    Published: 30 May 2014
    Abstract: Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) is an extremely useful tool for textual lossless data compression. Recently, it has found many applications to bioinformatics. In this paper, BWT is introduced from the view of combinatorics, and then an equivalence relation on words is proposed which shows that the transformation captures some common features of equ... Show More
  • In Silico Identification of Potential Inhibitors of Dengue Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti Chorion Peroxidase

    Edwin Plata Alcantara

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2014
    Pages: 38-42
    Received: 14 May 2014
    Accepted: 10 June 2014
    Published: 20 June 2014
    Abstract: The three dimensional structure of Aedes aegypti chorion peroxidase was computed by homology modeling. The ModWeb server provided the most accurate model with QMEAN score of 0.642. The protein model consists of 36.1% alpha-helices and 1% beta-strand. Ligand binding sites in Aedes aegypti chorion peroxidase were identified using SiteComp server. In ... Show More
  • Analytic and Simulation Modeling of Plant-Animal Populations in Russian Tundra

    Trashcheev Rostislav, Boranbayev Askar, Boranbayev Seilkhan, Sarancha Dmitry, Lyulyakin Oleg, Yurezanskaya Yulia

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2014
    Pages: 43-51
    Received: 26 June 2014
    Accepted: 8 July 2014
    Published: 20 July 2014
    Abstract: This article describes a mathematical modeling method of an ecological biology system; this method uses computers. Hypotheses about the leading mechanisms of fluctuations for tundra animals population’s number are formulated. An analysis of difference and differential equations and their manifestations in the community model “vegetation – lemmings ... Show More