Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2017

  • In Silico Analysis of Occurrence of Tricorn Protease and Its Homologs

    Florence Ng’ong’a, Steven Nyanjom, Fred Wamunyokoli

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2017
    Pages: 27-35
    Received: 30 May 2017
    Accepted: 24 July 2017
    Published: 15 August 2017
    Abstract: Tricorn protease is an archaeal protease acting downstream of the proteasome and together with its interacting aminopeptidases, degrades oligopeptides to free amino acids thus playing an important role in protein turnover. This study reports a wide distribution of tricorn protease and its homologs in archaea and bacteria. The homologs were identifi... Show More
  • In-Silico Screening of Biomarker Genes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using R/Bioconductor

    Afza Akbar, Mohd Murshad Ahmed, Safia Tazyeen, Aftab Alam, Anam Farooqui, Shahnawaz Ali, Md. Zubbair Malik, Romana Ishrat

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2017
    Pages: 36-42
    Received: 26 July 2017
    Accepted: 7 August 2017
    Published: 25 August 2017
    Abstract: Hepatocellular Carcinoma is a primary malignancy of the liver. It is the fifth most common cancer around the world and is a leading cause of cancer related deaths. For about 40 years HCC has been predominantly linked with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infection. This work aims to find out potential biomarkers for HBV and HCV infected HCC through rigo... Show More